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3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Do you have an object that you would like to put on a relief or sign? Or a physical prototype that you would like to print in 3D format? The possibilities are many, we can basically scan all kinds of objects – that don’t move! The 3D scanning methods we use are called photogrammetry and needle scanning. Photogrammetry is suitable for larger objects, while needle scanning is better suited for flatter and smaller objects.

Read more about the scanninc methods below!


3D scanning by photogrammetry is based, as it sounds, on photographs. The method is relatively fast and can handle many shapes and sizes. We have scanned everything from a nut to entire house buildings!

For this type of 3D scanning, the object must have information. That means, some kind of structure, texture or varying color. If the object is reflective or lacks structure, it can be sprayed. The spray we use disappears after a while, leaving the object unchanged.

Our Specializations


Signage and art for all purposes made in bronze, brass and aluminium.


 CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC and 3D visualization.


Laser engraved crystals in 3D and 2D. Always based on your visions.