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3D services

Simplify your project with 3D techniques


Signage and art for all purposes made in bronze, brass and aluminium.


 CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC and 3D visualization.


Laser engraved crystals in 3D and 2D. Always based on your visions.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


Through CAD (Computer-Aided Design), we create digitally based designs and technical drawings. If you don’t know how to use CAD yourself, we’ll help you produce your CAD drawings! It’s possible to create based on vector-based drawings, semi-finished CAD drawings, sketches or even verbal descriptions! We also print your CAD model as a 3D print if desired.

Read more about which programs we use and which file formats work, by pressing the button!

3D scanning

Almost any physical object, that does not move, can be scanned. We use both needle scanning and photogrammetry. Through needle scanning, both transparent and reflective objects can be scanned, this method is adapted for smaller and “flatter” objects. Photogrammetry is more suitable for larger objects but then requires that the object is not reflective or transparent.

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Through visualization, you can get an idea of ​​what the end result will look like. Additionally, you can place the artwork, building or object in its intended location to see how well it blends into the environment. It also facilitates adjustments, as instead of creating a new physical prototype, you can change color and texture directly in the program.

We make 3D visualizations based on, among other things, drawings, CAD files, and sketches. Curious to know more? Click the button!

3D prints

Based on, for example, CAD drawings and scanned objects, we print models in 3D. It is also possible to send us a finished 3D file, which we will then print for you. When it comes to materials, you can choose between nylon, resin and TPU. To imitate other materials, we can patina the final result by hand painting or varnishing it.

Read more about the process and choice of material here!