About the company

Rosengren 3D is a natural extension of Rosengrens’ metal foundry.

Rosengren Foundry is a company dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Founder Julius Nicolaus Rosengren started the business in 1909 in Old Limhamn south of Malmö. At the time the production mainly consisted of castings for Skånska Cementgjuteriet, now Skanska.

Since a few years back, foundry, manufacturing and offices are located in our new premises in Vintrie, just outside central Malmö. The vicinity to the Öresund Bridge not only gives us a strategic proximity to Copenhagen and Malmö, but also places us in the middle of northern Europe’s most expanding region at the moment, the Öresund Region.

Today, the fourth generation of Rosengrens run the company and in our years of business we have built up a touch of craftsmanship and good design, as well as an aim for an avant-garde expression in our collections.

We have a number of designers and artists connected with our business and they work with anything from utility and decoration goods to industrial design. Mainly we use sand molds in our casting procedure, but we also do wax casting.

For more than two decades we have accumulated knowledge about 3D-applications and experienced what these might bring concerning efficiency and simplifications when forming projects from idea to finished product.