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Welcome to our gallery.
Here you’ll find some of the crystal glasses that we’ve engraved in 3D during previous customer projects!

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Longest Drive 2020

Personal portrait

Dog portrait

Rosengren & Nilsson Group Trophy 2022

Awards for SVT

Detailed memorial plaque

“Trumslagaren” by the artist Yngve Lundell

Crystals for Koenigsegg

Crystals for “Karolinska Institutet”

Cat portrait

The Big Mac Award

Crystals for the artist Johan Falkman

Interor for J.Lindeberg

Memorial site in crystal

Engraved tealight holder

Crystals for “S:t Andreas logen Corfitz”

Iceberg shaped memorial plaque

Memorial plaque “sky”

Portrait “Love”

Hole in One 2020

Memorial plaque “Tower”

Personal birthday gift

Iceberg shaped Memorial plaque

Memorial site in crystal

Memorial plaque

Crystals for the coast guard

Turning Torso

Memorial plaque with double symbols

Caddie of the year 2019