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Through 3D visualization, you can get an idea of ​​how the end result will turn out. Too see how well it will fit the environment, you can also “test-place” the artwork digitally. In addition, it is much easier to play with different colors and textures when the prototype is digital!

We make 3D visualizations based on everything from drawings and CAD files to your own sketches. Your visualization can, for example, be displayed as a rotatable model on the internet or in a regular advertising image.


Do you want a more spatial presentation of your idea than a standard two-dimensional image can offer? By moving around the sculpture or in the building, you can get a greater idea of the final result. Visualization can also be a smart trick to present your idea in professional contexts!

Get in touch with us and share your sketch and we’ll create a 3D visualization together!


Visualization is only becoming more and more common in architecture. No wonder considering it’s a perfect way to be able to see the end result without having to build it!

If you send your CAD drawing – or similar – we can create a 3D visualization of the model. Regardless of whether it is a finished sketch or a new idea, we help you imagine the end result through visualization.

Our Specializations


Signage and art for all purposes made in bronze, brass and aluminium.


 CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC and 3D visualization.


Laser engraved crystals in 3D and 2D. Always based on your visions.