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Golf signs

Next Level Golf Courses

When it comes to golf signs, or signage in general, it’s not always easy. We help you with ideas and solutions that enable you to take your signage to the next level! Tee signs, Tee markings, Course signs or club area signs? We can help you.

Below you see 4 of the categories we have in golf. Of course there are more! If you have any questions or if you might be missing something, contact us! We are happy to find a solution together!

Tee Signs

Tee signs are a big part of the visitors’ golfing experience. Sleek, clean and clear tee signs give players the confidence they need when the longer clubs come forward. Our tee signs have a unique cassette system that saves you both time and money. Instead of replacing the entire sign when the lane changes, you only need to replace the information. Our tee signs are mainly made of aluminium, but can also be obtained in bronze and brass.

Do you have your own idea about how you want your tee signs to look? Get in touch with us and we will come up with a proposal together!

Tee Markings

Tee markings profile the club and clearly mark where the tee off will take place! Regardless of whether you use a color or number system, we help you develop tee markings that suit your golf area. Our tee markings not only raise the standard of your golf course, but are also durable and maintenance-free.

There are many options. We mainly cast signs in aluminum and brass. Furthermore we also offer powder coating according to your wishes for final finish. We can also hand paint your tee markings if desired.

Golf Course Signs

Our course signs give your visitors the information they need, in an stylish way.

It’s easy to become home blind! Members may have no problem finding their way around the coures, but for the green fee guests it is not always that easy to find! A “Next Tee sign” is a very good aid to guide visitors in the right direction.

  • next_tee_skylt
  • hänvisningsskyltar_golf

Outside the golf course

The welcome sign sets the standard for the rest of your golf area. It is therefore important not only to sign on the golf course, but also around the club area. Informative and clear signs guide and help guests find their way.

You have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. We’ll help you make the most of those 7 seconds!

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