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Assembly & Tools

Assembly and Tools

Do you lack tools to mount your sign? No worries! We got everything you need. Below you will find rock drills and glue with accessories for assembly. As well as polishing cloths for maintaining signs with polished tops. You will also find our ready-made drill templates that make it easy for you to mount your signs.

Drilling Templates

To make it as easy as possible for you to mount your sign, we have made drill templates. The templates clearly show where to drill so that the holes fit your sign. Why make it difficult when you can make it easy?

Ask for a drill template the next time you order a sign, or contact us directly to get one now.


Make sure you have all the tools you need when you order your signage. Here you’ll find the tools that are usually used when mounting classic signs in bronze, aluminum or brass.

Glue, quick dry


Glue tip, original

Glue tip, for smaller details

Coarse polishing cloth for sanded tops, for example

Soft polishing cloth for sanded tops, for example

Coarse brush

Soft brush

Brush in brass

Straight rock drill (3,5-12 mm)

Rock drill SDS-plus-4 (12 mm)

Glue gun