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Yards & stables

Signage For Yards And Stables

Signs around the yard, stable or perhaps the house are both informative and beautiful. At Rosengren & Nilsson you have the opportunity to create specially designed yard signs, welcome signs, plaques and box signs. We cast the signs based on your thoughts and visions, so you can be sure that all yard signs match the yard.

Yard signs

Welcome your guests to the yard with a nice and detailed welcome sign. Since your welcome sign is the first thing the visitor encounters, it also sets the standard for the rest of the yard. So make sure to do it in style!

By matching the rest of the yard signs with your welcome sign, you achieve that little something extra. We offer customized shapes and colors, as well as a choice of materials. What distinguishes our yard signs is their surface finish, quality and decorative effect.


Plaques have belonged to equestrian sports for several years and have also become a collector’s item for many competitors. Today, thousands of box doors are decorated with plaques!

We deliver plaques to most clubs in Sweden and also some in Europe. Our plaques are characterized by high quality and because they are sand cast in aluminum or brass.

Do you also want a plaque that is guaranteed not to be thrown away or end up in a box, but put up and visible? Then we have plaques for you!

Box Signs

You and your horse deserve a nice box sign just the way you want it! Oval, rectangular or maybe star-shaped? We cast box signs based on both standard models and specially adapted requests for box signs.

Through a box sign, you can tell, for example, what the horse’s name is, where it comes from and who the owner is.

Sounds interesting?

Get in touch with us, and we’ll come up with a design and price proposal together. We help you from idea to finished work!

Rasmus Wallén Nilsson
Sales & Operations
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